Concrete poiesis

“Choose love”, near the old town in Sarajevo.

Izaberi ljubav (adj-s)

Strolling through the streets my attention is often pulled by tags on walls. The ones that grab my intention the most are writings/drawings that offer a certain critique on the current state in the country. I catch myself wondering why someone wrote such a message, when they did it, was it an intuitive outburst or a well thought out idea, did they get caught, …

Thinking about this as a performance act, my thoughts drift to the idea of poieses. This concept has been fascinating me for a while now because of its reference to making. Making has multiple meanings in this context: first, there is the act of making the tag by using certain materials and applying it to the wall, then, there’s also the notion of making in that it produces a message that is in the public sphere and that is interpretable differently, there’s also making in a way that it forms (maybe just slightly) the maker, and so forth.

“Wake up people”, on a flat in my suburb Alipašino polje.

Probudi se narode (adj-s)

Do these messages indicate a form of poiesis that’s not a performance as mimesis (let us say mimicry), but more an art as part of the contemporary world that is reflexive and fixated on theatricalizations?

Different tags as seen from my apartment in Alipašino polje.

Wall tags (adj-s)

It’s interesting to think about the different narrative layers that emerge from looking at the inscripted facades. Especially the picture above seems interesting. You can see the damaged walls that were hit by bullets and grenades, of which some are filled in, and on top of that you have the graffiti tags. What could this mean in terms of interaction between different life stories?

Rooftops seen from 9 high.Rooftop tags (adj-s)
“Love each other, you people eaters,” written along the Miljacka river near the old town.Voli te se ljudozderi (adj)
Self explanatory (kind of) on a flat in Alipašino polje.We are anarchy (adj-s)

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